Secret Tips to Rent Luxury Cars in Dubai at Discounted Prices

Dubai offers some of the best luxury car rental services for all requirements. The city’s rich car culture attracts many tourists as well. Also, luxury rent a car in Dubai services are available at discounted prices if you make the right choices. Some top-end luxury cars can be quite expensive to afford. So, knowing the right car rental techniques is important to get a good deal.

Car rental services in a major business and tourism hub like Dubai are very important. Tourists and business travelers will need car rental services frequently. Also, locals will require car rental solutions for events and special occasions or weekend fun at different times as well. So, here are a few tried and tested techniques to get luxury car rental solutions at discounted prices:

Book Your Car Early

One of the best strategies to lower luxury car rental prices in Dubai is to book early. Whether you need a long-term car rental for a vacation in Dubai or a short-term car hire solution for a business or family trip, booking early can help save money. It is the best option available for tourists as well.

Many car rental companies offer options for online bookings. Also, some companies will require the deposit to be paid in advance. Make the advance deposit payment and book the car as early as possible. In many cases, up to 50% savings will be available when you book the rental car early.

Choose the Right Rental Company

Choosing who you rent your luxury car from will be a vital decision. Selecting the right company is paramount for getting affordable and reliable car rental solutions. So, whether renting a Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, or any other car, make sure to research and find the right company.

Read reviews and investigate the company’s service through social media channels. If you live locally, ask around in your social circle. Find out about hidden fees and any misbehaviors on the part of the rental company. Rent from a company with a positive community image and good reviews.

Avoid Delivery at Paid Parking Spots

Of course, getting your rental car delivered where you need it is a great option. However, renters in Dubai should avoid scheduling delivery at a paid parking location. For example, getting the car delivered at the airport will cause additional parking charges. The renter will pay these parking charges.

So, when you need the car delivered to your house, flat, apartment, office, or hotel, it will be free from additional parking costs. However, delivery at shopping malls, busy city locations, and many other locations will involve additional parking fees. Avoid these to keep your rental budget low.

Do Not Go Beyond the Allocated Mileage Limit

Usually, car rental companies impose daily mileage limits. You can expect these limits to be in the range of 200-300 kilometers per day. The allocated miles or kilometers are quite adequate for many trips and rental requirements. Try not to go beyond them.

So, when you exceed daily mileage limits, you must pay additional rental prices. This is why reading your rental contract carefully before signing is important. Also, if you need the car for longer road trips, renting with the required terms is advisable. Companies will provide custom terms as well.

Compare Prices and Get a Few Quotes

Comparing prices is a better way to get cheaper luxury car rental services in Dubai. This amazing city has a myriad of car rental companies. So, all of them are competing to rent their cars out. It makes sense to compare prices and get the cheapest deals for your favorite luxury cars.

Additionally, getting a few quotes from a few rental companies is also a good idea. It will put you in the driving seat of negotiations. So, if you have good negotiation skills, use them to lower the rental prices even further. It will save money for your car rental experience.

Grab Discounts Wherever Possible

Many car rental companies offer discounts, coupons, and deals at different times of the year. Some expensive luxury cars will be available for discounted prices depending on the season, day of the week, and many other factors.

So, it is a great idea to look for discounts and deals. Grab the best deals and discounted prices to lower your luxury car rental costs. Save the money on rental costs and spend it on other aspects of your vacation or road trip.

Do Not Keep the Car Beyond Your Rental Contract

People will often be tempted to keep their favorite luxury car for additional days after the initial rental contract has ended. However, this is not such a good idea. Firstly, there will be late return fines always implemented by most car rental companies.

Also, you will be in a much better position to return the car and sign a new rental contract. Getting extensions in your rental contract will change the rental terms. This can include the rental price per day as well. So, try to return the car as agreed in your initial contract to avoid additional fees.

Bottom Line

Dubai is the exotic car capital of the world. Some of the most luxurious cars are found as commonly as a Toyota Prius in many major cities. However, make sure to book early and rent from the right rental company to avail yourself of discounted prices. Additionally, use discounts, return the car on time, compare prices, negotiate, avoid parking fees, and keep within the allocated mileage limits. All these tips will help you get the best price deals for your luxury car rental requirements in Dubai.

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