Essential Tips and Tricks of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular mobile shooter games. CODM continued the authentic gameplay of Call of Duty, incorporating more diverse firearms, accessories, and map modes.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, if you’ve already created COD Mobile accounts and are ready to start playing, this article is definitely worth your time.

What You Need for Call of Duty Mobile


First things first, you need no less than an IOS 9 to play the game or an android with nothing less than a 2GB RAM and 12GB surge space.


Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about some other important aspects you may need to work on.


Account Activation: You need to create an COD Mobile account using either your Facebook account, or you can log in as a guest. Your best bet is with a Facebook account. You’ll be able to switch devices on your profile this way.


Internet connection: This is so important. There’s literally no Call of Duty Mobile: without an Internet connection. If you find the game is lagging, Internet first. Disconnect and reconnect to your Internet source (WI-FI or mobile data).


Xbox or PS controller: Considering you’ll be playing CODM with other people who most likely have either controller, this should prove a worthy investment.


Headphones: Or stereo speakers to help you enjoy the beautiful soundtrack of Call of Duty Mobile: and enrich the gaming experience.


You can adjust brightness, notifications, sensitivity, and picture quality in the gamer mode if your phone has one or in the game settings.

Tips to Navigate Player Modes


First, you need to be aware of the player modes.

There are quite a number of special feature modes such as Standoff – Halloween, Sniper Only, Gun Game, Prop Hunt. However, there are two basic player modes in CODM – multiplayer and battle royale.


In multiplayer mode, the main goal is to kill but in battle royale, the main goal is survival in COD mobile. In either mode, you can play as a team or go solo.


A great way to be a better player is to watch friends play through the eye button on the friends list or in real time. Alternatively, you can practice with AI of COD mobile. Watching your own gameplay can be really useful for improving your aim as well.


Tips and Tricks

  1. Choose your weapons wisely and keep upgrading in Call of Duty Mobile. The weapon characteristics chart will let you know how the changes you make will impact weapon performance. And that is exactly what the Gunsmith is for.
  2. Know when and how to move. Hiding, crouching and going for cover should be discretionary. It can be really smart to run for cover at times. Other times, that cover might be your deathtrap.
  3. Avoid red. There are many different outfits or accessories in red. A flash of red can make you more visible to the enemy or make a team member think you’re the enemy.
  4. Watch your ammo. Be really careful not to use all your ammo too quickly.
  5. Practice in different game modes of Call of Duty Mobile to master map control points.
  6. Choose your perks wisely. The more games you win, the more your CODM CP.
  7. Guns are not the only weapons you have. Smoke and grenades are options you need to learn to maneuver and maximize.
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